Creato il 14 Marzo 2014

Shallow water, calm sea protected by the gulf, a gentle breeze, large and fully accessorized beaches, the courtesy and skill of people who have made hospitality their profession. The original inhabitants can be traced back to the Romans. The city lives the Byzantine domination, then those of the church of Ravenna and in 1500 the Malatesta family. In this period Cattolica starts to show a vocation for seaside tourism and hospitality. By the 16th century, Cattolica already boasted more than 10 inns and refreshments. In 1700 fishery starts to flourish and a century later Cattolica changes definitely its aspect becoming one of the most popular and valued sea side resort in Europe, that’s why people call it the Queen of the Adriatic Sea.
Every wish comes true in Cattolica, every need is satisfied: it offers fun, joy to children and families and many opportunities for sport and nature lovers. Don’t forget to visit Gradara, with the castle of Paolo and Francesca, Saludecio, Montefiore, Mondaino, where every summer a duel between districts, called “Il palio del Daino”, takes place. Land and sea meet themselves to express the suggestions and emotions of the perfumes and tastes of a century – old gourmet tradition.
Cattolica Aquarium is the most important Aquarium of the Adriatic Coast. Boredom is an unknown word in Cattolica, even thanks to the cultural and entertainment opportunities culminating in the programme of the Theatre and Arena della Regina. The most important actors, dancers, and musicians alternate on the stage. Lenny Kratiz, Sting and Duran Duran have been here.
Walking down the narrow streets of the city centre, tourists will have the opportunity to discover the Museo della Regina (Museum of the Queen), it hosts an Archeological and Seafaring section. Don’t forget to visit the new harbor for tourist crafts.
The traditional flower exhibition, which takes place at the beginning of May, is the starting point of the summer season. It’s a point of reference for lovers and not with more than 150 stands. Danzfest, a classical dance review, offers in July the possibility to attend dance lessons with the most famous dancers like Eleonora Abbagnato. Cattolica is also the birthplace of worldwide famous characters such as the physicist and Nobel Prize Guglielmo Marconi, he decided in fact to spend here in Villa Marconi his summer holidays. As regards music Samuele Bersani, or in the fashion world Alberta Ferretti, Paolo Gerani, Anna Fuzzi and Marco Morosini. Also the famous judge Piergiorgio Morosini was born here.
The particular atmosphere of the city stimulates creativity and wits. Cattolica has a priviledge position, which makes its beach the ideal destination. This coastal zone has been receiving the recognition of the “blue flag”, which is awarded to the best European beaches featuring clean waters and high – quality services and facilities. The sea seems to be magic if you move to San Bartolo natural Park or Casteldimezzo. Cattolica is also a privileged holiday destination for cycle excursions’ lovers.
Last but not least Cattolica by night: CATTOLICA 80ies “We, children of the stars”, dedicated to disco music, the magical night of clams and the pink night the popular party with lots of amazing and funny opportunities. Cattolica is also famous as the city of Mystfest, the international festival of mystery and suspense films.