Creato il 18 Marzo 2014

Cattolica Aquarium is the most important aquarium of the Adriatic Coast and the second in Italy. It is located inside some historic buildings of the thirties. 140.000 mq with 70 exhibition tanks which show over 3000 specimen of 400species coming from the seas and oceans of the world.
The charming itineraries (Green, Blue, Violet, Yellow) it gathers are dedicated to the sea and its delicate relationship with human beings, thus standing out as thrilling underwater journeys across the sea. Sharks, penguins, turtles and jellyfish are just some of the many stars along this exciting route.
Don’t miss to visit our planet’s most playful and loveable mammals, the otters, presented in their natural habitats at the new exhibit on the Yellow Itinerary. The large shark tank holding 700,000 litres of water plays host to several shark species, including Sand Tiger Sharks and Nurse Sharks. Cattolica Aquarium offers all visitors the chance to see most spectacular moments of the day: feeding time for the sharks, penguins, otters and stingrays. Thanks to the presence of an expert and the aquarium staff, visitors can find out lots of fascinating facts and information about these splendid creatures.